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Name:Half-Blood Hill
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Half-Blood Hill is a multifandom AU role playing game based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is set post- The Last Olympian, pre- The Lost Hero. Neither Jason Grace nor Percy Jackson have gone missing from their camps. In this universe, after the events of the Second Olympian War, the Oracle of Delphi issued the next Great Prophecy, a prophecy that references "the gods of all". It is not long before Juno, Hera's Roman aspect, appears to the Greeks, with strict orders: All godchildren must be accepted at Camp Half-Blood. Camp Jupiter has fallen. The others will not be far behind.

(Yes, we admit some text is lifted from Rick Riordan's site. Thank you, Uncle Rick.)

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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for young demigods. Due to security considerations, we are obliged to tell you that this entire community is fictional. There are no real monsters or Greek gods.

Just in case, though, there are nine important signs to check to see if you too might be a half-blood. If you answer "yes" to more than five of the questions below, seek our counsel immediately. Do not waste a minute! Contact your school satyr or send word via Hermes Express. Please include two golden drachmas for return postage.

    You suspect that one or more of your teachers is not human.
    You have been diagnosed with ADHD.
    You have been diagnosed with dyslexia.
    You have experienced things you cannot explain.
    You sometimes wonder if your father or mother is not your real parent.
    You have a friend who doesn't seem quite... normal.
    You feel you are being watched when alone or followed when there is no one behind you.
    You have a vivid recurring dream, or you can manipulate your own dreams.
    You have a phobia that doesn't seem logical, such as spiders, enclosed places, heights, or deep water.

There are, of course, logical explanations for all of the above. But perhaps your ADHD is not a disorder, but instead a mechanism to keep you alert, and keep you alive. Maybe you have trouble reading English, or French, or what have you, because you are actually hard-wired to read Ancient Greek instead. Maybe your best friend is a satyr assigned to protect you. Maybe evil monsters are watching you, waiting to attack. And maybe that phobia is a deep-seated fear associated with your godly parentage.

If that is indeed the case... then please enjoy your stay here at Camp Half-Blood. We know you'll feel right at home.

    Mr. D., Camp Director
    Chiron, Activities Director
    Mr. Riordan, Senior Scribe
    Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141
    Long Island, New York 11954
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