Jun. 6th, 2014 01:52 pm
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[ Gale never exactly looked like the most fun-loving, free-spirited kind of guy, and today is no different. He's just as stoic as ever, especially considering that he has a few serious announcements to make. ]

Two things.

First of all, the remaining legionnaires in camp should be aware that the Praetor left a message before she took off on her quest. I've recently been told that I've been promoted to Centurion of the Fifth Cohort.

[ Thank you, Annie Cresta, for informing him. He still isn't sure what to think of it, and he looks mildly uncomfortable just talking about it. But there is still one other thing to be addressed. ]

Secondly, Chiron mentioned there's to be a quest to the Red Room base in Farmville, Virginia. I'm going to lead it. It will mostly be an information gathering mission, and we don't expect much trouble, but we'll have to be ready, just in case. I'll need one or two people to accompany me, so if you'd like to come, now's your chance to speak up.

IM | June 4

Jun. 5th, 2014 06:51 pm
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[ Just a brief message from Chiron: ]

Thanks to the Iris Cabin and Iris herself, we've managed to track down the Red Room leader's last locations. After some investigation, I've learned activity levels have been low in this Farmville, Virginia, but it would still be in our best interest to send campers to gather as much information as they can to these coordinates.

[ He frowns briefly, scratching his chin. ] I'm afraid I cannot answer all your questions at the moment. Those who would like to claim this quest should come to me as soon as possible.

Thank you.

[ The feed ends. ]


Jun. 3rd, 2014 08:05 pm
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[The IM shows a teenage girl eyeing the shimmers in front of her with a smirk.]

I feel like a princess. A sparkly, sparkly princess. This shit is way better than eagles.

[Then she clears her throat and looks more businesslike.]

Grace McCallum, First Cohort, reporting for duty. Is there someplace I should be reporting to? A Legion HQ? The faun didn't say, but I don't want to be remiss.
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[ It's morning, just after breakfast and Natalie's reinvigorated, having returned last night to camp. She looks decently happy as she restrings her precious rune necklace, replacing the string from last summer with another, stronger suede cord. ]

Okay, team. I've got volcanic rock that's, like, twenty million years old that Sadie thinks we can use. It doesn't have a reflective surface, which makes it even better. 

[ She's not cute or nice like the other people who went home and brought back goodies for everyone. Unless you count old rocks, obviously. ]

Did I miss anything pertinent over the weekend? I heard sh- stuff about Farmville and I don't know if I should laugh or be worried or both.

007-- IM

May. 31st, 2014 11:52 pm
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[Live, from Hermes Cabin, it's Eponine! Before she speaks, though, she holds up two pictures. One, taken from behind, years ago. A taller boy has his arm around the shoulders of a tiny, skinny girl, and she's looking up at him, just as he looks down at her. There's something familial about the picture.

The other is, well, clearly Eponine this time, still younger than she is now, scowling at another boy her own age, holding up a pillow as if it were some sort of shield.

Eponine takes the pictures back from the rainbow a few inches, focusing on her.]

Markel said something to me that had me thinking. Hermes' kids aren't known for our loyalty.

[She gestures again to the pictures, before setting them on her lap.]

So, here's some food for thought: What makes us, what makes anyone decide to turn against you? What do they have that camp doesn't? What is camp doing that makes us want another option?

I don't have an answer.

But I'm fucking tired of watching my brothers die.


May. 30th, 2014 04:59 pm
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So, uh.. no one's gonna talk about it, huh.

[Dave looks uncharacteristically uncertain. His eyes dart offside behind his shades.]

It's been five fucking days already and we're just gonna.. act like it's a thing that didn't happen?
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[Private: Natalie]

[Nico has been trying to keep his distance from the whole Hazel/Leo debacle. Trying, but failing miserably as the urge to punch Leo is still there. He is giving up and sending Natalie a private message since the silly Hephaestus kid is her boyfriend.]

Natalie? I have a some important questions to ask you, when you've got a moment.

[Private: Jehan]

[After his discussion with Natalie, Nico decides it's in his best interest to tell Jehan about it, too. Welp.]

Do you have a minute, Jehan?
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[ Never before had she thought she would ever be on horseback - on pegasusback. Heather has been in camp for nearly a year and during that time, she's developed a bond with one of the steeds in camp, a gray speckled horse named after a character from the Bond movies. Since it is Greek tradition that the children of Demeter or Aphrodite teach riding lessons, she is actually confident enough to lead a lesson for a few of the younger campers who are eager to take to the skies. Astonishingly (at least to herself), Heather is calm and collected, bubbly but firm in her instructions. If you're watching, there's almost a motherly air to her as she helps one of the girls off her horse.

She's just finishing up her teaching, so you're free to catch her on her way out.
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[So if you happen to be outside in any given number of locations today, and just so happen to feel like having the hem of your shirt or some loose-hanging article of clothing on your person set on fire... Ankh is currently tossing little balls of fire at passers-by from a high-up tree branch in sheer antagonistic boredom.]

[Nothing to hurt anyone, naturally, just enough to startle and singe your favorite tee shirt. He does this in varying locations across camp, never staying in one place for particularly long to avoid getting caught. Sorry not sorry.]

Private to Artemis;

I need to ask you something.

Private to Eiji;

Where are you.

And finally, Private to Naomi;

How about you show me your climbing ability?
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 [Sometime before dinner a camp wide Iris Message goes out. A message with a familiar face that some might have thought dead.

Markel is sitting in a spinning chair, legs crossed and hands clasped.]

It's been a while, hasn't it little campers?

[There's a laugh in his voice, as if there's a joke only he is in on.]

For those of you who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself! 

[With a flourish he stands, bowing.]

My name is Markel, the leader of the Red Room and man who has signed each and everyone of your death certificates! I hope you don't mind, I haven't mailed you copies yet. [He trails off, holding his chin and looking off to the side, like something has caught his attention.] I should do that...

[He shakes his head, regaining his focus. A grin spreads as he looks at the screen, a dark look crossing his eyes.]

Now, now, I know some of you thought you'd manage to stop me last August, but M has - unfortunately - let it slip that I'm still around. [There's a bit of annoyance there. He had an idea for a magnificent return.] I'm sure wise girl and captain sunshine have already filled you brats in.

[He glares, but it melts into the smile again.]

I'm sure I'll be seeing many of you again. I've been told your camp has been having such wonderful events like movie showings! I'm so jealous. Did my invite to your talent show get lost in the mail I wonder?

[He waves it off, the rainbow wavering from the action.]

Aah, it doesn't matter, I've been far to busy to attend your silly functions anyways. I'm glad you're all enjoying yourselves so much. After all, I'm told you must savor the calm before the storm.

[There's one more, fiendish smile before he waves a playful 'bye-bye'.]


May. 24th, 2014 09:51 pm
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[ Leo's made a point to do everything for today by himself, from baking the chocolate cake - cooking is one thing, but he's not so well acquainted with baking - to making the present he's wrapped in newspaper - all that had available in the big house, unfortunately, so it was that or garbage bags and duct tape. Anyway, he waits a while, then brings both of them out right on the tail end of lunch in the dining pavilion, candles flickering cheerfully as he sets it down before Dany with a bright smile. ]

Happy birthday, Dany!

[ And he offers her the gift and hopes she won't guess what it is right away - a new whip, handmade and tested and coiled in waiting for her to discover and test it out for herself. ]
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[While this is going on, Edmund gets an IM. M is in a car, still in the indecipherable Asian woman's guise]

Edmund, answer the IM.
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[For the past few days people might have noticed Enjolras in the mess half - or rather haven't noticed him at the mess hall. That's because Enjolras hasn't been eating there. Sure, he's made brief appearances - long enough to grab a plate of food before going outside. 

At first it was because the weather had finally seemed to make up it's mind, but sitting outside eating had given him an idea.

Or rather... Reignited a certain idea

He sends out the rainbow sometime in the morning, a frown on his lips. It should be clear to anyone he has thought long and hard about what he's going to say.]

A few of you might recall an attempt to protest the ridiculous rule that we can only sit with our families at meals. [Or, y'know, remember how poorly it ended.] I believe enough time has passed, enough to do something about it again.

More and more of us come, all from different pantheons, and the continue rule that we can only sit with our cabin - while it makes sense for us Greeks - hardly makes sense for everyone else. The Romans before coming here lived with their cohorts, they ate where they pleased I believe. [Feel free to correct him on that if he's wrong.] The Egyptian's have nothing like this outside of their Nomes and the Norse... Well most of you I believe didn't know about any of this until Hera appeared to you.

We have been told we must continue to adapt, to work together. And while it may seem small to some - prohibiting us from forming new bonds and strengthening friendships through meals meant for family - weakens us. Not only that, it's pushing our system upon those who have never lived that way. 

[He pauses, taking a breath.]

I'm not a fool as to repeat last time. My suggestion for how to go about doing this would be eating outside.

[He's still not sure what Hera's punishment was meant to accomplish, but he's wise to keep that to himself.]

I'll be by my cabin for anyone who wants to discuss this with me. 

[And with that he dismisses the rainbow.]


May. 19th, 2014 02:02 pm
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[ By now, between doing things with the Legion, spending quality time with his girlfriend, and doing other things around camp, Gale has only fixed about half of the traps that wild boar of Allison's had damaged. Only half, he thinks again with a sigh, tying a knot for the one in his lap.

After the creature had damaged enough of him, he'd decided that it was high time all of his equipment got an update. There have been a few scattered conversations with the children of Vulcan, and they've cheerfully done him a few favors already. He doesn't want to ask for more, but he wants to be ready in case something like this happens again.

Of course, upgrading means having your equipment in halfway decent shape in the first place. That's why Gale is seated just outside of the arena this afternoon, damaged snares set in a careful pile to his side, working on getting the rest of these things fixed. Come talk to him; he could use the company. ]
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[There is a familiar face on the IM, coming to you live and in person from Cabin Nine. Finnick certainly looks much happier than he has in the past few weeks, a little more relaxed, if still somewhat jet-lagged.]

Hi, guys. It's good to be home. .....Anyway, everyone should get over here before the harpies come around, because I've got presents and stuff straight from Malibu.


May. 18th, 2014 09:46 pm
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[ Here's your not at all friendly resident God checking in for once, rolling his eyes. ]

Barriers have been down for a while and you guys haven't made a huge mess of it. Congrats. [ Enough of that positivity. Let's get to the good stuff. ]

Can't say the same for some of you in camp, though. My annoying sister had to personally laugh in my face about some of the goings on here.

Punishments'll have to be given and you'll just have to deal with it. No more funny business. Check the board outside the Big House. Try not to screw things up.

[ He mumbles 'dumb kids,' under his breath and cuts off the IM.

There's a note, as promised, written in clear but hastily jotted scrawl:

The following campers have broken the rules and have been punished appropriately.

Ariel Enjolras: For causing harm to another camper by breaking his nose, he is assigned to shower clean up for a full week.

Natalie Goodman and Leo Valdez: They both should know exactly what they did and are assigned to dishwashing duty for a week.

Gabriel Novak and Remi Grantaire: Same goes for these two. They are assigned to repainting the Big House as soon as possible.

ooc | feel free to react in the comments below
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[ A very sullen and grumpy looking boy with a bandaged and freshly-swollen face is coming back into camp. Didn't notice Grantaire was gone? That's okay, it was only for a little over a day. For anyone failing to notice his bruised eyes or bandaged nose, he's also carrying a folded piece of red, white, and blue fabric.

Grantaire finally, after a few weeks, went to see a damn doctor. (No, he's not letting an Apollo kid look at it, thank you-- it's thanks to one of those stupid sun kids he got his nose busted in the first place.) It's obviously not been a pleasant trip outside the barriers, given that his nose had to be re-broken and aligned after it didn't heal properly from last month. He just wants to go back to his cabin and sulk properly. ]

here, Enjy, have a rainbow )


May. 15th, 2014 01:23 pm
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[Well, isn't this a sight for sore eyes. Courfeyrac's been gone for what-- nearly a month now? He doesn't look any more refreshed than before he left. He's out, leaning against the Aphrodite cabin in the shade.]

Bonjour, camp... I apologize that I was gone longer than I originally anticipated. My sisters did not want to let me come back....

[But his step-mother on the other hand...]

I return with gifts, of course. Will someone assure me I didn't miss anything exciting while home?
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[Rainbows. These people can't be serious, but Edmund is proven that yes, yes they are. It only makes it worse that the rainbow communication is, in fact, real and works.

When he does use the rainbow, he doesn't look terribly thrilled to be here. Still. Doesn't hurt to be civil. It's not strictly the camp's fault that he's having issues with his family at the moment.]

My name is Edmund Pevensie. I was told that I'm a son of Athena. Which cabin am I supposed to be staying in?

[He shifts a little restlessly after that somewhat cold introduction. Edmund doesn't really care, but he's curious. Pursuit of knowledge and all that. That's a thing with Athena's children, right?]

Also...what does it actually mean to be a child of Athena? My...mother...couldn't tell me much about it, and I haven't been able to brush up on any Greek mythology while on the plane here.

[Edmund spent most of it trying to get his head wrapped around the whole demigod business, as well as the fact that his mother isn't actually his birth mother. The rest was spent with troubled sleep.]

And what should I expect from this camp? I was told there was trouble and that it was a safe place for demigods, but not much else.

[There...might...be some slight suspicion. Maybe. If you squint super hard. Look, mom didn't tell him a whole lot since she didn't know much, either. Edmund's done with surprises. Like. Super done with them.]
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Who wants to helmp me back some cakes?

[Sojourner is grinning - as per usual - into the Iris Message, utilzing her goggles as a headband and looking ever bit like an anime character.

She's gone to great length to send this message out, but more importantly, to convince Iris not to send it to Lizzie.]

It's Lizzie's birthday next week and she's gotta be a hundred and somethin'. I figured putting all those candles on one cake would be a fize hazard... But! Ten cakes? Much safer. [Maybe.]

And that was there's plenty of cake for everyone to celebrate with! 

Which brings me back to my initial question. Who knows how to bake a cake? I'm decent, myself, but I know I'm not the only one who'd want to celebrate our resident Hunter's birthday! Plus, ten cakes? Shoot me now. No way I could do that and decorate them on time! 

[She laughs, giving a playful two finger salute at the Iris Message.]

I'm out by the rock wall. If you're interested, hit me up!


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